Comprehensive Eye Examination

The Canadian Association of Optometrist recommends a routine eye exam every 2 years for all adults between the ages of 19 to 64. For adults over 65 years old it is recommended to have an eye exam annually. A comprehensive eye exam consists of two parts: a vision check and an evaluation of your eye health.

We are proud to be one of the first clinics in Vancouver to offer Virtual Reality (VR) visual field testing* for the early detection of glaucoma and screening for visual field defects.

*Visual field testing is covered by BC Medical Service Plan (MSP) for some patients with specific ocular conditions please visit us for more information

Children’s Eye Examination

Vision is a crucial component to a child's development and learning. Unfortunately, vision problems in children often go undiagnosed because children may not be able to report that their vision is impaired or may not notice vision changes if only one eye is affected.

There are many conditions that can cause vision impairment and, if left untreated, can become permanent. Early diagnosis of these conditions can help prevent the progression and minimize severity of the disease. We will address these concerns and more during your child’s eye examination so please give us a call to arrange for an appointment.

The Canadian Association of Optometrists recommends annual eye exams for children between 3-18 years old. These exams are fully covered under the BC Medical Service Plan (MSP).* While other clinics may set their own exam price and may charge parents additional co-pay, our team at Evergreen Optometry believe in maximizing access to health care and will not charge any additional costs for a child's eye exam.

*with valid Personal Health Number & enrollment in Medical Service Plan

Emergency Appointments and Eye Disease examinations

Please call our clinic ASAP to arrange for an emergency appointment if you are currently experiencing any of the following symptoms:
Sudden Floaters
Sudden Vision Loss
Severe Light sensitivity
Significant Pain
Scratched Cornea

Evergreen Optometry offers emergency and eye disease appointments. These appointments are separate from your comprehensive eye examination and are partially or entirely covered under the BC Medical Service Plan (MSP)*. You do not need a doctors referral to book an appointment.

Some symptoms that indicate that you may have an eye disease include:
Constant Redness
Burning sensation
Eyelid Crusting
Eye Infection
Foreign Body
Blood in the eyes
Itchiness and watering

We are well equipped to address your concerns and will refer you to an ophthalmologist or other specialists if necessary.

*with valid Personal Health Number & enrollment in Medical Service Plan

Contact Lens Examinations and Fitting

Dr. Shoujun Chen has years of experience with fitting contact lenses including toric lenses, multifocal lenses, monovision lenses, modified monovision lenses, and myopia control lenses.

Poorly fitted contact lenses can cause irritation or poor vision. Some contact lens users may experience presbyopia (the inability to see up close) while using contact lenses and may require proper fitting or reassessment to determine if a multi-focal contact lens would be more suitable.

Advances in contact lens technology means that there are now contact lenses that go dark in the sun and even contact lenses that release an allergy medication throughout the day for superior comfort. We stay up-to-date with the latest contact lenses so you don’t have to.

Contact lens examinations and fittings are not included during a standard eye examination and are considered to be extra services needed for contact lens wearing patients. Please inform our clinic prior to booking your appointment so we can work with you to figure out what your contact lens needs are.

Have questions? Please get in touch with us.

Fundus Photography

At Evergreen Optometry Clinic, we are pleased to provide our adult and senior patients with our fundus photography service. This advanced technology utilizes a machine to automatically capture detailed images of the back of the eye. These images are helpful for both diagnostic purposes and for maintaining accurate records.

Our fundus photography service is included as part of your comprehensive eye examination visit, with no additional fees or charges.

Contact us today to schedule your eye examination.

LASIK/ PRK/ ICL/ Cataract Consultation and Co-management

LASIK and PRK surgery is the process of reshaping the surface of your eye using a laser. The most common purpose of this surgery is to correct a patient's vision.

ICL (Implantable Collamer Lens) is a new type of vision corrective surgery that allows patients who were previously ineligible for LASIK and PRK to receive vision corrective surgery.

Evergreen optometry offers a comprehensive pre-op / post-op package for co-management for your vision corrective surgery. Please bring your questions about laser vision correction and candidacy to your eye examination and our doctors would be happy to address them.

Cataract (or lens extraction) surgery is the process of replacing the natural lens in the eye with an artificial one. This is often done to remove the blurry vision created by the natural lens getting cloudier over time. During your examination, your optometrist will check the lens in your eyes for formation of cataracts and discuss with you the next steps to take if there is a significant amount. The surgery is performed by an ophthalmologist and we will be there to co-manage your eyes for the post-op evaluations.

Please contact our clinic for more information or if you have any questions.

ICBC(EVF)/ Police Form/ Fire Department Form/ BC Athletics Commissioner Form/etc.

Our clinic offers various form-filling services including:

Examination of Visual Functions (EVF) form from ICBC
Driver's Medical Exam - Vision Portion form from ICBC
RCMP and other police force application forms
Fire department application forms
BC Athletic Commissioner vision forms*

Most of the requirements for these forms are already evaluated during your comprehensive eye examination. There may be some additional tests that are needed depending on the specific form.

Please get in touch with us for your form needs or send us a blank form to and we will get back to you.

*The BCAC may require you to complete the same form for each competition, we offer a reduced cost for consecutive forms.

Virtual Reality Visual Field Testing

Visual Field Testing is an important diagnostic component for detecting glaucoma and other conditions. Traditionally during this test, patients had to wear an eye patch and sit hunched over in a large machine.

Evergreen Optometry is committed to bringing some of the latest technology to help better manage our patients' conditions. We conduct Visual Field Testing with a Virtual Realty (VR) machine which is able to perform testing with similar accuracy as traditional methods while patients are able to sit in a relaxed and comfortable position - and without eyepatches!

This service may be covered by the BC Medical Service Plan. Please ask our staff for more details.