Emergency Appointments and Eye Disease examinations

Emergency Appointments and Eye Disease examinations

Please call our clinic ASAP to arrange for an emergency appointment if you are currently experiencing any of the following symptoms:
Sudden Floaters
Sudden Vision Loss
Severe Light sensitivity
Significant Pain
Scratched Cornea

Evergreen Optometry offers emergency and eye disease appointments. These appointments are separate from your comprehensive eye examination and are partially or entirely covered under the BC Medical Service Plan (MSP)*. You do not need a doctors referral to book an appointment.

Some symptoms that indicate that you may have an eye disease include:
Constant Redness
Burning sensation
Eyelid Crusting
Eye Infection
Foreign Body
Blood in the eyes
Itchiness and watering

We are well equipped to address your concerns and will refer you to an ophthalmologist or other specialists if necessary.

*with valid Personal Health Number & enrollment in Medical Service Plan